Quite A Productive Night

I am proud of myself. I got home and decided to work hard here on blogjob. I want to be able to redeem my points here as soon as I possibly am able to. I figured out if ever single day aside from today I reached my daily allowed point limit here of 1200 then I would be able to redeem my 10,000 points earned on blogjob for $100 paid through paypal.

I would have had to earned a total of at least 764 points here today to reach that point. I figured that I wouldn’t pressure myself too much today considering I am super tired and what have you plus I started a bit late. And then on top of it today is still the weekend or Sunday.

So even though I am tired and it is probably due to my fibromyalgia mostly I pushed myself to work hard here and I made tonight a quite productive night if I do say so myself. After this blog post I just have to write a total of one more and then I will have earned my point goal of today of not just 764 but really 765. So I am glad that I managed to make that happen and in enough time too for my daily point limit to reset as it normally does at 11 at night here.

So including this blog post I earned enough points to equal having made about 14 or so blog posts. Of course I earned many points doing several other tasks today so really I made somewhere between 10 to 12 blog posts or so today.

Which I have to admit that is a great improvement then what I tend to do most days! I would be able to write about 24 blog posts daily here with my point limit being 1200 and that is if I only focus on blogging and nothing else point wise anyways.


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