Pushing Past My Fibromyalgia

So as I have mentioned before, I currently suffer from fibromyalgia. For me the pain normally isn’t too bad and most days it is just about the extreme tiredness that I tend to feel that is my worst symptom or struggle from the disorder or sickness that I face.

I try to work and get things done most every single day. It isn’t easy though. I admit that I sometimes just give in to the sickness more often then I should. I need to push past my fibromyaliga. To work just a little bit harder and get more done even despite how drained and tired that I may feel.

I know that I can still manage to get a tad bit more work done if I at least tired. Like today for example. I got home after spending the weekend with my boyfriend. I admit that I was rather tired but I decided to work a little bit here on Blogjob. I am pretty much broke right now and won’t have money for a while unless I work hard enough.

So I figured out what I need to do to earn enough here on blogjob to be able to redeem as early as Friday next week. So I came up with the number that I have to earn a total of at least 764 points today here and then reach my point limit of 1200 every single day including Friday to be able to have enough points, 10,000 to get to redeem.

So even though I feel super tired probably from my Fibromyalgia I have been trying to work a bit here earning those points pretty much most of the time since I arrived home tonight. I still have a ways to go but even though my fibromyalgia said that I am tired I managed to push through it.

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