Problems With My Neighbors

So sad to say against my choosing, and because it is all that I can afford I currently live in a tiny one bedroom apartment. I was fortunate to be able to live in a house most of my life. But since I have been living on my own and considering the cost of living can be so high, I currently live in an apartment.

This is in a sense my first apartment. I have lived here for over a few years now. I live in an apartment complex with several different buildings. Each of them have three floors. I was given the second floor and thought nothing of it when I first moved in. I am sandwiched between two neighbors or really four.

When I first moved in there really wasn’t a problem. I had an older couple living below me that were in there 40s or so. They were quite and pleasant. Then maybe 6 months or so after moving in they moved out. A couple in there 30s moved in. They often times will yack on there phones on the patio which can loudly be heard throughout my apartment and my bedroom which is right next to it.

Luckily they tend to be respectful of quite hours normally at least. Though they often will BBQ and I can smell the smell of smoke throughout my bedroom. And that is often done at like 10 to 11 or later at night.

When I moved in I had an older man who lived above me. He was very quiet and the worst thing that happened was that he forgot he lived on the 3rd floor once and tried his key in my door by accident. A few months later he moves out and an obnoxious person with anger issues moves in above me.

Had security come to talk to him when he was being loud late at night and in return he took a stepping stone and threw it at my door.

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