Living More

I really want to be able to experience so much more in life then I have been. Especially now. I mean of course who wouldn’t want to enjoy the very best in life. But even though I would love that if I could. I think I would be so much more happier then I currently am if I could live even just a little bit more.

I mean I would love to be able to go out every once in a while and try new places to eat and experience new foods. Or go do some fun activity that I have never done before. I mean I am not asking for a great deal. As of now I mainly just work, deal with day to day stresses and fibromyalgia and spend a little bit of time mainly the weekends with my man.

Sometimes I watch shows on Netflix or Hulu or even play games and what have you but I really want to be able to live. To do more, experience more. Have fun. I of course would need to start making more then I currently make. Which won’t be easy but I could imagine that it could be somewhere within the realm of possibilities if I worked hard enough.

I mean I may not be able to go to fancy restaurants on a weekly bases or travel the world. At least not just yet. But I could enjoy a new place to eat maybe once a week or a couple of times a month. Maybe afford to do fun activities once a week or even a few times or so a month.

That would be nice. I would be so happy. Even if I made enough extra if I was able to just afford to do something fun once a month! I would be doing so much better then now!

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