How I spent my weekend

So this weekend I had a pretty good weekend. I spent it with my man as I usually do every single weekend since we started dating the second week in January. It sort of has become a tradition for us to spend the weekend together. We had a game night and movie night with some cheesecake from The cheesecake factory on our second date at his place.

We had so much fun that I ended up spending the night that night and then we spent the rest of the weekend together. The next weekend he picked me up on a Friday night and we spent the entire weekend together. And that has been our thing ever since. We always spend the weekend at his place.

Though we alternate week to week driving. One weekend he will come to my place, pick me up. And then after the end of the weekend he drives me back home. The next weekend I drive to his place. It is nice having a little vacation every weekend. Away from the stresses of my day to day life and what not.

Plus I enjoy spending time with my man. This weekend he picked me up. He came and got me by sometime around 3 or so in the afternoon on Saturday. We went to a mall fairly close by him and did a little bit of window shopping. And then we went to Ikea.

He had to pick up some frames for the drawings that he did for his customers. I also wanted to check out a desk there that I was looking at getting online. I couldn’t find it. We checked out and browsed there little super market there.

Then we went and ate at a Mexican restaurant. Afterwards we went back to his place. His friend Mike came over and we played video games. Then he left around 11 or so and then we played some video games and then watched some shows together and then went to bed pretty late around 3 ish to 4 in the morning.

We ended up sleeping in till almost 4 in the evening on Sunday. We got ready to go and then he drove me back home. Over all it was a great weekend.

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