Helping My Man Out

So I have been dating my man for a little over 3 1/2 months now. We always tend to spend the weekends together. It is almost as if I am a part time live in girlfriend. Or at least unofficially. We alternate driving, one week I drive to his place and I usually spend the part of saturday and sunday at his apartment. The next week he picks me up on Saturday most of the time and then drives me back to my place after spending part of both days and the night together at his place.

We have been having a pretty good relationship so far. He works as a preschool teacher as his main job and has been doing that for several years now. I think he said at least 15 or maybe even longer then that. But well over a decade. In addition to being a teacher to preschool age students he also enjoy drawing comics and people too.

He is pretty good at it. Lately he has been selling his work that he does custom work of other people and makes them into a cartoon like character. It is actually pretty amazing the things that he comes up with.

So I have been helping him out a bit with that. I helped him a bit with some writing on his facebook page for his drawing business. I also suggested he get a deposit when someone orders a custom drawing that way if they decide not to pay them as one lady did he isn’t entirely out the money.

I also suggested that he use a watermark on his work so that when he uploads it online someone can’t just take it and print it themselves without having to bother to pay him. So I have been helping put a watermark on his drawings for him when he does a new drawing.

I also have been working on his website as well. I enjoy helping him out. I told him for all the work that I have been doing for him, at first he was like how much should I pay you and I just said maybe you can buy me dinner or something sometime. That should be a fair deal. 😉

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