Going To Be Broke This week.

Right now I don’t have much in either my bank account or in my paypal account. I have a paypal debit card and get paid by many sources from my online work by paypal. So those are my two main sources of earned income.

I currently have well under $20. And that has to last me until Friday. I get my earning report from the Tad app that I am a creator on tomorrow or on Monday. On that app my Youtube channel is connected to it and my Youtube subscribers are able to watch some short and interesting video ads for me to earn me a little extra money.

The first week I had the app I earned about $4.50. Though I posted about the app to my Youtube audience on Friday so they only had a few days or the weekend to earn me anything. The next week I ended up earning a little over $20. I was then paid from Tad via Paypal a couple of days or so later around Wed.

We have to make at least $10 to qualify to get paid that week or otherwise that amount roles over to the next week. So I am hoping I made enough to get paid and they end up paying me by Wed. if not sooner! Hopefully I ended up making at least $20 if not more!

Other than that I won’t be getting any money until around this upcoming Friday or so. And that will be through here, blogjob. I will get paid only if I end up making at least $7.64 worth of points here tonight and then the max number of points that I am able to earn Mon-Friday or 1200 points each day. Which is equal to about 24 blogs or so.

I hope that I can manage to get through this week being a bit broke. At least I have a little bit of money.

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