Different Ways That I make Money

Since I have Fibromyalgia I have had much of a difficult time finding a normal job that would be able and willing to work with me and understand that I can’t take on switch shifts or work extensive hours each week.

So because of that I have the choice of just trying several different jobs until I found one that I am able to do and that is understanding enough to work with me. Or otherwise I have the option of working from home.

Lately for the last year or so I have decided to go the work from home route. So I mainly make most of my earned income from doing various different types of online work. I have to admit that it isn’t easy but I try my best. Sometimes I don’t have enough energy or I guess I don’t push myself as hard as I could to get enough work done to be able to manage to make enough.

Sometimes I am flat out broke. Like this week for example. I have less than 20 dollars that I have to try and make do until I either get paid from Tad app which may help me get by for a few days hopefully though I may not get paid till Wed. Or Tue of this week. And that is if I made at least $10 from the app.

Or until Friday just as long as I make enough money from here on blogjob by that time. So it requires a great deal of hard work. And it can be stressful to say the least. With at home, online work I sometimes will work and make like $5 or even less per hour.

And that doesn’t make sense, but what else could I really do. I have several different ways that I make money online.

2 thoughts on “Different Ways That I make Money

  1. I can’t make more than $2 per day

    • It isn’t easy. Have you tried doing some of the tasks here to be able to make a higher point limit per day?

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