Dealing With Fibromyaliga

I have had fibromyalgia for some time now. I was diagnosed with it maybe around a couple of years or so ago. With Fibromyalgia you can have widespread pain and also extreme tiredness amoungst other symptoms. I luckily don’t seem to suffer from too much pain most days.

I sometimes have what feels like stiff joints and a few minor aches and pains throughout the day but nothing all that bad. There are times when I have what I believe to be a fibromyalgia flair up. I suppose maybe caused by stress and what have you and will get very sore typically for a week or so. But that only tends to happen maybe once or twice a year or so for me.

For me the worst of it is the constant tiredness that I tend to feel most every single day of my life. It is a constant battle trying to find enough energy to even make it through the day. Some days it is almost impossible for me to get much done. I fight it every single day but it isn’t easy I have to admit.

I wake up and I feel a little stiff and sore. I have little to no energy to even start my day usually. I normally try to have some coffee or an energy drink or something to help boost my energy a little bit. Normally it doesn’t help too much and it does take me quite a while to just have enough energy just to even do much of anything.

I wish I had the energy to get more work done. To work more and make enough money. I wish it was easier and I wasn’t so tired all of the time. But I suppose that it could be worse then what it is. I just take it day to day and try to do my best.

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