Blogging More Often

I love blogging and writing. It is really something that I enjoy doing a great deal. I really need to find the time and just set my mind to making it happen more often then I currently do. I figured out that I want to take the steps necessary in my life to make even a small improvement. And that would be to make an extra $100 or so every single month.

I would be able to do that easy enough through blogging and even here on blogjob. With this site I have a daily point limit of 1200 points. Which is equal to 24 blog posts if I don’t earn points doing any other tasks on the site outside of blogging. Now that is quite a lot to be doing in a single day.

Now I have written something like 60 blog posts or so here before in just a single day. But to be honest with you that wasn’t easy at all. And I doubt I would have the energy at least right away to write at least 24 blog posts on a daily bases.

Especially considering I tend to spend half of Saturday and half of Sunday with my man over at his place. So that is a good day in total maybe a bit more then that or about 4-5 days per week out of the month that I wouldn’t be able to really spend blogging.

But If I wrote about 4 blogs every single day or most days. Some days of course I could end up writing 8 or something and then taking a day off if I felt like it. Then I would be able to reach my latest goal of making at least $100 more then I currently tend to make each month.

That should be easy enough to do. And not really take much time at all. I think that one blog post takes me somewhere around 6-10 min. So we are talking maybe 30 min or so.

2 thoughts on “Blogging More Often

  1. You are lucky to be able to increase your daily limit up to 1200 points – mine is just 150 but still I was not able to meet that point due to busy schedule. Good luck on your goal 🙂

    • Thank you it took a lot to get there but its possible. I am trying to reach the next achievement by getting 10,000 vists to my blog site in a months time. Now that one will be a bit harder I think.

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