Trying To Earn At Least $20

I have been working hard on my online work pretty much shortly after I returned home from spending the weekend with my man over at his place. I may end up trying to work till maybe 10 or 11 or so at night. Maybe longer maybe not. We shall see how I end up feeling.

I am hoping that I am able to make at least $20 through my online work. Hopefully more. Right now I have currently made almost $14. Which is pretty good. Though it did take me quite a few hours even to end up making that small amount. But it all adds up and helps me out in the end.

So that is my current goal today. To end up making at least $20 before I will even consider calling it quits. I have been on a role and doing well thus far. I still have many more blogs that I can end up writing. More money to earn on a few different social networks and apps and what have you.

So I am going to do my best just to focus on that. On the 15th I got paid from socialblade. The network that pays for my Youtube ads that earn me a little bit of money each month. I ended up getting a little over $11 but at least it is something. I also was paid through the Rabadaba app. I got $19 and some cents. Almost $20 from them. So that really helped out!

I emailed the person in charge of the Tad app my paypal email. Just in case I made more then $10 so that when they check out my earnings sometime tomorrow I can get paid if I made enough. I am hoping that I end up getting at least $30, possibly even more. But I suppose I will get my answer tomorrow sometime.

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