Sunday’s Are My New Monday’s

Sunday’s are like Monday’s for me now. And what I mean by that is that it is the start of another work week for me. I spend most of my weekends over at my Man’s place. I typically spend Saturday’s over there and part of Sunday’s as well with him.

This weekend wasn’t much different. Aside from the fact that it was snowing pretty bad so I ended up driving to his place later on Friday evening. We take turns driving. One weekend I will drive up to stay with him the next weekend he comes and picks me up to stay with him.

This weekend I came over on Friday evening due to the snow storm we had. I spent Friday night, all of Saturday plus part of today or Sunday at his place. I left his apartment somewhere around 2ish or so in the afternoon. It was a little snowy when I left, but not all that bad, luckily.

It takes about 45 min or so of a drive to get back to my place. So I drove back and got home. I then relaxed for a little bit and got straight to work. I have mostly been focusing on work since then. I have to admit that I am a bit of a workaholic and I do feel a tad bit guilty that I didn’t work Friday night, most of Saturday and part of today, Sunday.

I wouldn’t mind so much about taking time off from working, aside from the fact that I don’t really make that much doing my online work. So every work day really does count for me.I am hoping that in time I can start making more each month so that I don’t have to dedicate most of my life just to making a little bit to barely and sometimes even to not quite make enough to get by.

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