Netflixing And Working

So I am working hard online trying to end up making a total of at least $20.I am working online using my laptop computer mainly to write my blogs here on blogjob as well as a little bit on my kites. I tend to make at least 50 cents from each of my blog posts that I write here on blogjob. I am able to monetize my blogging sites and earn a few cents more but typically not much. And I am able to earn up to $12 that is my current point or dollar earning limit for the day here on blogjob.

I don’t earn very much at all over on mykites. I tend to earn about 1 cent per 150 character blog that I write per day. And I am limited to no more then ten blogs. So that means I could earn about ten cents or so over there. So it isn’t a lot but it could help. Even just a few extra dollars per month over there will make a huge difference for me.

I am also using my phone to earn a bit of money from some money making apps that I use. While I am earning money online from both my laptop computer, ipad and sometimes my iphone smart phone I am watching different movies on Netflix.

I have Netflix running in the background while I spend time on my online work. It isn’t easy but it is what I need to do to make a little money to try and make ends meet. My goal for tonight is to make at least $20. I am doing pretty good and made almost $18 so far tonight.

I figure that I will try to make a little over 2 dollars more and then call it a night. I wish I could have made far more but I am glad that I manged to make as much as I did tonight.


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