My Tad Report


I have been a creator on the Tad App for a little over a week now. I use it to earn more money for my Youtube channel, ASMR Sadie How this app works is that my subscribers are able to watch some quick video ads after downloading the free app for my YouTube channel. The apps are pretty short and a majority of them are honestly pretty interesting.

After they finished watching some ads I earn what the app calls tads. Each of the ads that they can watch are worth from anywhere between 10 up to 50 Tads. The lower the tads that the video is worth, the shorter the video is. I think the higher videos tend to be maybe a min or so long.

For every ten tads that my subscribers earn for my channel I earn one cent. The creators, including myself are emailed a Tad report each Monday of the week. In the report we are told the number of Tad funders that we have for that week. Which means people that favorited my channel on the app and watched videos for my channel.

They also tell us the number of ads that are viewed for the week. The avg. number of ads viewed per funder, total number of tads earned, number of hearts or favorites that I got on the app and the total payout and amount earned in USD.

Last week I started the app on Thursday or Friday of the week ending in April 10th. So I only had a few days for my subscribers and viewers to help out.

I had 13 funders or subscribers who watched ads for my benefit. 112 ads were viewed that week. An avg. of 8.6 ads viewed per funder. A total of 4,050 tads earned. 16 hearts or favorites. And I earned $4.05 that week. We need to earn at least $10 each week to receive a payout through paypal.

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