My Earning Potential On The Tad App

YrCMpuk1 The Tad App is an app designed for YouTube creators to earn money for there YouTube channel. How it works is that your YouTube subscribers can watch quick and fun ads for you and earn money for your channel each day and you can get paid through paypal each week as long as you have earned at least $10 through the app.

I am an official creator with my Youtube channel, ASMR Sadie and just joined up toward the end of last week. This app really helps us YouTube creators out a great deal! Without it, and just by monetized ads through YouTube I tend to earn an avg. of about $10 or so most months. I am sponsored through a network called, Socialblade. And they will pay us creators out through Paypal each month.

This month for example I got somewhere around over 60,000 views on several different videos on my YouTube channel. I have well over 250 of them currently. Somewhere close to 300 now. And I ended up getting only $11.56 for that many views. Sadly enough Socialblade does take a small cut of my earnings. But even so. I don’t make a great deal.

Through YouTube ads that would take me forever just to be able to invest in better filming equipment and what not at the rate that I am currently making through YouTube. With the Tad app I am able to earn potentially much more then that.

For each ad watched I can earn between 1 and 5 cents. Last week just having been part of the Tad network for a few days I earned $4.05. Which would be almost double what I tend to earn on YouTube. I know we have limits to how much we are able to earn, though I am not sure the exact amount.

I know one creator on there says he has earned over $30 per week. So I am guessing that I could earn at least $50. That could mean an additional $200 or more each month to invest in my channel and to help me out.


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