Finishing off my Sunday Night

I am trying to get all of my online work that I need to do tonight. I have a little bit of blogging that I need to get finished and some more earning that I have to do on some apps that I use to make a little bit of money. I have now made almost $19 in total from all the work I have been doing since this afternoon today.

I wish that I was able to earn much more considering all the time that I have put into my work today. But I am happy that I was able to earn as much as I have so far. I might end up staying up a little after 11 or so working on my online work.

I figure I will try to get to sleep sometime around 12 at the latest. So I have made today quite an accomplished day at least work wise if I do say so myself! It would be nice if I was able to make even more then this but I have fibromyalgia and most managers at entry level jobs just don’t seem to care that I have it.

So unless I am able to find a normal job that took into account that I have fibromyalgia and can’t work either intense shifts or flip flop schedules or even as much as I would like each week. But most managers don’t care so until then I will just have to stick to earning what I earn with my online work.

I am hoping that I will be able to wake up early and start getting my work done as soon as possible. I would like to get to sleep soon after I get into bed. All though sometimes it isn’t easy for me to fall asleep as soon as I would like. But I will try.

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