Feeling A Little Under The Weather

I ended up spending the weekend with my man as I have been every weekend since the first time that we meet. It is sort of become our thing to end up spending the weekends together. We were doing alright and then he started coughing a lot and feeling a bit sick. I guess that he has a chest and or head cold of some sort.

He wasn’t able to sleep last night and looked pretty bad when I left his place this afternoon. I started feeling a little sick myself today. I have been coughing a bit throughout the day. And my chest hurts a bit and feels some what heavy. I took some medicine when I got home and it ended up helping me feel a bit better.

Luckily I haven’t been feeling too bad today. I mean I ended up managing to get a ton of work done today. Which I am super happy about. It is now a little after 9 at night here. I have made a bit more than $15 working online today. My goal is to try and make at least $20 or so tonight from my online work before calling it a night.

I am getting pretty tired right now but making 4 or 5 more dollars tonight probably won’t end up taking all that long for me. At least I am hoping that it won’t. I am going to try to make that much or just work until around 11 maybe 12 or so at the latest tonight before going to bed.

Hopefully I can end up waking up early enough tomorrow so that I can get a ton of work done early enough in the day. I am really excited to see how much I made through the tad app tomorrow. I am hoping that I made a decent amount!

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