Cold Snowy Weekend

This weekend it was so cold and snowy. I spent it over at my guys place but it started snowing late Friday evening and continued to snow throughout the entire weekend. So we mostly just stayed inside. We had a game night and he invited a couple of friends over, Eric and Mike. We played one of my favorite board games. Quelf and some video games on his wii and xbox consoles.

The snow wasn’t too bad luckily. We went to the art store near him and he got some art pens. He likes drawing and even has been selling some for a few different people. We also went to kinkos so he could get some copies of his drawings so that he could color them and what not.

We also went to the mall close by and did a little window shopping. On Friday night before the storm hit we went to King soopers grocery store together and I got some food to snack on and also to make something to eat. Knowing that more then likely we would be pretty much snowed in for the weekend.

He ended up getting a head and or chest cold and was coughing really bad to the point that he ended up losing his voice. I can feel it in my chest. And I have been coughing a little bit as well. So I am thinking that I must have come down with whatever he has too.

I am hoping that whatever we seem to have won’t be too bad. I drove home and have been home now for about an hour or so. He lives about 45 min or so away from me. Luckily the snow wasn’t too bad and the roads were pretty much clear on the drive home.

So now I am back home. Feeling a little sick but not too bad. Snow is suppose to stop by tomorrow and hopefully that is the end of the spring snow that we get out here!

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