Addicted To Snapee App

I am really liking and some what addicted to the snapee app. This app offers cool stickers and graphics that you are able to add to pictures that you have took. I have been using it to decorate photos that I take and use for my Youtube Channel custom thumbnails.

I usually will film my videos using my ipod and also snap a photo using my ipad as well. I then will send the photo I took to use as a thumbnail on my Youtube channel from my ipad to my iphone. That is where I have the snapee app.

Then I add some words to describe the video using the custom thumbnail and then use the snapee app to add stickers and what not. I then send it back to my ipad after I finished decorating it how I want to. And from there I tend to upload both the thumbnail photo and the video that I created to my laptop computer.

From there I will upload both to my YouTube channel. With the Snapee app all the stickers are free but you can earn points within the app and spend the points earned on extra decorations and stickers to further create even better art.

You are able to earn 100 points once each day just for going on to the app. Then you are rewarded another 100 points once daily for uploading and sharing a pic publicly on the app. In addition to that you can get 5 points each for hearting other members photos that they published on the app.

There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how much you can like other photos to earn points. I am trying to earn enough points on the app so that I can have all the different sticker packages unlocked. That way I can do whatever I want with my YouTube thumbnails.

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