My Day So Far

I have been working hard today trying to earn my goal of at least $40. It hasn’t been easy I do have to admit. I have now earned almost $6. Which means that I still have to try and earn about a little more then $34 more. And here it already is past 3 in the afternoon.

I am probably going to have to end up working very late to even get close to my goal of $40. So far here is what I have been working on to make that money today. I have been blogging and doing different tasks here on blogjob to earn some of that money.

I am happy that I have earned a great deal so far here today. I also have been trying to post a lot on Tsu. While I won’t know what I have made total over there until sometime after midnight more then likely. I am still hoping to have earned a bit more then I normally make over there. Most days on Tsu I tend to make between 30 cents to a little over 50 cents.

Which really isn’t much but it all ads up in the end. I also have been trying to make a bit of money from the Rabadaba app. And have made several cents already over there. I have been writing some quick blog posts on MyKites I think I have written around 3-4 or so and have made a few cents. While that isn’t much it does end up all adding up in the end.

I also have been trying to promote my Tad app profile as well. I would imagine on there it is possible that I could earn somewhere around at least 50 per week. Hopefully they allow me to earn at least $100 per week or even $500 or more each month! But either way, it will be a huge improvement from what I made before.

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