Earnings On Mykites


My main go to blogging spot would have to be here. I am able to currently make about $12 per day here. But for now that is as much as I am able to make not including a few cents or so for monetized views and what have you. In addition to here I have been using another blogging platform to earn a little bit of money online as well.

That site is called MyKites On there we are able to post up to 10 blog posts per day. They are considerably shorter in blog length then they are on here. I believe that we have to write at least 150 characters. Which tends to be about one long paragraph or a couple of mid sized ones. Over on there we get paid based on views and what have you.

I haven’t earned enough to get payed yet. I think that we need to earn at least $20 or somewhere around there to be paid from the site. I don’t spend a great deal of time writing for them and have currently made less than a dollar. I am not super active within the community so I would imagine because of that I don’t make as much as I could.

But most of my blog posts that I write over there tends to make at least a penny and sometimes even a few cents. So considering those stats now I probably won’t get rich over there. But I would imagine it may be possible if I write every single day. Or most days.

I may be able to make and redeem around $20 or so at least once per year. Say I ended up making about $24 a year over there it ends up being about $2 a month. So not bad but not much. Hopefully over time I can make considerably more then I currently am.

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