Earning For My Youtube Channel On Tad App



I have my Youtube channel, ASMR Sadie that I have had for a little over 1 year. I am not doing bad. Right now I have almost 3000 Subscribers. I tend to get at least 1000 views to about 2000 views on my videos from my channel most days. I make around $1 for every 1000-4000 or so views that my videos receive. Most months I end up getting paid about $10-$15 on average. Which isn’t bad but isn’t anywhere close to what I need to be able to help out my channel grow and thrive even more so then it currently is.

I just recently became a creator on this app called, Tad On there my subscribers and supporters are able to watch interesting ads for a min or so and it earns me tads. For each ten tads that they earn for me and my channel I make 1 cent. Ads range from 1 cent or ten tads to 5 cents or 50 tads. And this is a much bigger payout then views from Youtube even make me.

On Tad we get payed via paypal each Monday as long as we have made 10,000 tads or $10. I created the video above on my channel asking for support. I think I made that video last friday and ended up making $4.05 from my subscribers. Considering they only had a couple of days to help out that isn’t a bad amount.

If I could end up earning at least $10 a week from the Tad app it will help me out considerably. I believe we have a certain limit to how much we are able to make on Tad. I am not sure that exact amount. I know another creator mentioned that he has earned over $30 per week from Tad. So I figure I should be able to make at least $50 for my channel with enough help from my viewers and supporters. That would make a world of a difference for my channel. I could slowly start investing in better equipment.

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