Aiming To Make More Money Today

So today I am aiming to make at least $40 online. I have now made a little over $2 so that means I have a bit more then $37 more to make online today. I hope that I can manage to make that much! If I am able to then I will be able to have all of my living costs covered and even have a little extra left over.

With the extra I would be able to invest in better filming equipment for my Youtube channel. Hopefully with better filming equipment, that will mean that I will gain more subscribers on my channel and even more views on each of my videos that I create for my channel. Now that could possibly mean that I could make even more money from my Youtube channel then I currently make now.

It might not increase my Youtube income right away. I figure maybe a few dollars per month or so. But even a small amount such as that will really help me out. If I can continue to make $40 a day every single day of the month then I will really be able to grow in both my life and hopefully on my Youtube channel as well.

I would imagine that all the hard work will start to pay off. I wish that I was able to make far more then just $40 every single day. But I figure that will be a good start. If I am able to make more then I will aim even higher. But for now I think that $40 is fairly decent goal for me.

I am excited and look forward to the positive changes that working just a little bit harder will bring fourth into my life. My hard work will really end up paying off. I just need to stick to it.

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