$5 Breaks

My goal for today is to try and make at least $40 online. I know that will take a ton of work and may end up taking all day to reach that point. But if I can make it happen it will all be worth it. I have set a goal that once I end up earning at least $5 then I can take a little break. And each time that I earn $5 more I can take another break.

If I am able to end up making $40 today online that will mean that I will end up having about 8 breaks. I figure making that much online will maybe end up taking a good 8-10 hours maybe more, possibly less. So getting 8 breaks in that amount of time is pretty generous I believe.

But at the same time it will allow me not to get too stressed out and give me time through out my busy work day to get other things that I need to focus on done as well as enable me to not get overwhelmed with all the work that I need to accomplish to get it done.

I don’t make a great deal from most of my online earning sources. But all together they do add up. Right now I am able to make the most here on blogjob. I can earn at least 50 cents per blog post that I write. And it typically takes me about 6-10 min or so to write a single 300 word blog.

My next highest earning source comes from the Tad app. With the help of my subscribers if enough of them are helping I could possibly earn maybe 25 cents or so every 6-10 min. On Rabadaba I make a little bit but sometimes it takes me a good hour or two just to make a few cents or so. And then I have a couple of other earning sources as well that helps but doesn’t make a great difference.

2 thoughts on “$5 Breaks

  1. ohh really ? how to do it ?

  2. ohh really ? how to do it ?

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