My Current Highest Earning Goal

So I have three different earning goals that I would like to reach each day. The first one I would need to make at least $21.67 per day. That is fairly easy enough and very possible. With that amount I would be able to meet all my basic needs and have a little spending money to have fun on the weekends. Nothing too extreme but I would be feeling comfortable at that amount.

Then the next amount that I would need to make daily would be $55. At that rate I would be able to not only meet my basic needs each month and have spending money to have fun on the weekends but I would have extra if I needed things such as clothes or what not and also I could then invest in some equipment each month so that I could make my Youtube channel even better.

Making my Youtube channel better would mean that I could even have the chance to be able to start growing my channel even more and possibly that could mean that I would make even more month through Youtube. My current highest earning goal would be me making at least $100 each and every single day.

Then I would have more then enough to meet my needs, save, be comfortable and grow. It would be amazing if I was able to do that. I know on here I can make $12 per day. And that is great. But I still have to figure out how to make the other $88. I could probably end up making somewhere around $2 or so between both Rabadaba and Tsu. And then another dollar on mykites.

So that would be $3. Leaving me with an additional $85 that I would need to make. I may be able to make that but that much I am not sure. I am going to aim for that amount each day and hopefully sooner rather than later I will reach that point.

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