Busy Day With Lots Of Goals

Well since I have set my daily income goals I have quite a bit of work that I will have to do each day. It is a little past 12 at night here. I wanted to pull an all nighter tonight and get as much of my work done as possible. But I am getting super tired right now.

I have earned almost $2 and to reach my mid range goal that means that I would need to make around $53 more for the day. I wish that I could have made much more then that but at least it is something to get the day started.

If I am aiming for my highest income goal then I need to make about $98 more. I am not sure that I will be able to make that much but I am going to try to get as close to that amount as I possibly can. My lowest income goal for the day would be $21.67. So that means I still need to make around a little more then $19 more or so for the day.

That should be fairly easy enough to do. I make a majority of that amount here on blogjob. I can earn up to $12. And with this blog post I will have earned about $1 here. So then I will only need to make about $7 more. I wish that it was far easier then this for me to earn money.

It isn’t easy when you have fibromyalgia but I suppose it could be worse. I am so beyond thankful that I am at least able to make enough so that I can meet my basic needs. Then hopefully if I work a little bit harder to make a tad bit more. I am not looking forward to the hard work that I will have to put in. But I do know that hard work pays off.

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