Setting Income Goals

So it seems, more often than not I find myself very low on cash and even at times just flat broke. And to be honest that is something that I just can’t stand and is unacceptable. Even for me. I can’t be living like that any longer. So in addition to the money that I get each month I figured out how much I need to make on a few different levels.

The first level would mean that I would have enough for necessities, such as food, gas, etc. As well as enough to spend a little for entertainment over the weekend. I typically have been spending every single weekend with my guy ever since I meet him the second week in January. So it would be nice if I had some spending money for myself to be able to do some fun activities with him.

On that level I would need to make at least $21.67 per day. I know that I am able to earn at least $12 each day here on blog job. That means if I managed to earn the amount of points that I am limited to each day here I would then need to earn $9.67 more each day. On Rabadaba 67 cents should be easy enough to earn. That would mean I would need to earn about 6700 points to reach that goal.

I could easily earn the $9 off of the Tad app as well. So reaching my first goal level of income should be a breeze for me. I still have a couple of other levels that I would like to reach, and I do believe that it is possible. I am excited to make it happen and look forward to the positive changes that it will end up having on my whole entire life. I can and will make this happen!

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