Reaching Higher On My Goals

I have set three level of income goals that I would like to reach. The first would mean that my life would be easy. Or that I should have most if not all of my basic needs meet each month. Just as long as I work hard and accomplish each days goal. I would need to make $21.67 daily to be able to have enough for food, needed items for living as well as weekend entertainment.

I know I can reach the first goal no doubt. It is very possible and doable. It will require hard work on a daily bases but I am sure with the right mindset I can make it happen. My second income goal allows me to cover my basic needs as well as have extra so that I can improve my life a little, and hopefully even grow as well.

I would need to make $55 each day to reach that goal. Then I would have my basic living expenses covered. My weekend entertainment or activities that I would have enough for. And in addition to that I would have extra so that If I needed to buy clothing because some wore out I could. Or if I wanted to invest in some equipment a little each month to make my Youtube channel even better I then would be able to.

I could reach the second level of my income goal by reaching my point limit here on blogjob each and every single day. That would mean I would still need to come up with $43 more. If I published at least one but maybe a couple or more videos on my Youtube channels then I would assume that between all of them I would make at least $1. So that leaves me with $42 more that I have to figure out. I have a few other ways to earn the rest and it might be a stretch but I do believe that it is possible.

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