Working On Promoting My Youtube Videos

I am working on promoting my Youtube channel. I have over 250 videos now. I currently have almost half a million views and I am trying to reach 40 million views as soon as possible. I have been spending hours and hours today promoting many of my Youtube videos all over different social media websites and apps. I haven’t noticed a dramatic change today with all the promoting that I have done, but I hope that it works out and I will notice a difference soon.

I still have many videos with under 500 views. That is my main goal to get several of my videos with under 500 views so that I can have more then that. I have heard that something like 89 percent of videos on Youtube have under 500 views. I think a little under 100 of my videos have less than 500 views.




My stats don’t really update for a few days or so. So I won’t really be able to tell if all of my hard work promoting is really paying off until then. But I have a sinking feeling that it will in fact increase my Youtube videos views at least a little bit. It might not be anything dramatic but even a slight difference will be great.

I wish that my channel would just gain enough exposure to be big on its own. But hopefully this will help get me closer to that level so that one day I can get a ton of views without having to dedicate several hours most every single day to promoting my videos. I have come a long way on my channel in just a little over a year but still have a long way to go.

I am excited about all my hard work finally one day paying off on my Youtube channel.


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