Reaching 40,000,000 Views On Youtube

I have had my Youtube channel, ASMR Sadie for a little over a year now. Almost 15 months. I am doing pretty good and continue to grow every single day. I currently have almost half a million views on all the videos together on my channel. I am setting a goal to try and reach 40 million views on my channel as soon as possible.

I have been promoting my videos a lot lately especially today. I promoted a whole lot on Facebook groups until Facebook decided to suspend my ability to post on groups until Thursday afternoon. I posted as much as I was able to on the Plag app. I have been posting a ton on other social media sites as well.

I have been sharing my videos on twitter, pinterest, blogger, google plus, tsu, rabadaba, stumbleupon, reddit and even blogjob just to mention some of the places I have been trying to share my videos. I haven’t seen a dramatic change in views on my channel just yet. But I figure if I keep it up I should be able to hopefully if nothing else, greatly increase my over all views on my Youtubee channel.

I really hope that I can somehow reach my goal of 40 mil views on my Youtube channel very soon. I know that it won’t be easy, but it is worth a try.


In order to reach that goal most of my videos would need over 150,000 views. Some have almost 30,000 views and others have less then 500. So I have a ton of promoting to do to even get close to that goal. I won’t know for a few days my stats on my channel and how well spending all this time promoting has done for my channel.


I have several videos that have under 500 views and right now that is my main goal toward 40 mil views to have all my videos with at least 500 views or more.


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