Working Hard To Get More Blog Views

I am trying my hardest to get more blog views on my blogging site. Here on Blogjob we earn points for various tasks such as blogging and a few different social tasks as well. We do have point limits. Right now I completed enough tasks over here so that I am able to earn up to $12 a day or $360 a month from blogging.

If I work on the Professional Blogger task here on blogjob and manage to drive a total of at least 10,000 views on my blog site this month then I could increase my point earnings by 1000 a day which is equal to $10/day or $300 more a month.

Then I would be able to earn $660 or so each month working here. That would be a serious life changer for me. With that much I could then pay my bills and just about make ends meet. It would help me out a great deal!

I am trying to work my hardest on promoting my blog posts and trying to gain more views. Right now I have a little over 574 views. I need a total of 10,000 in march to be able to earn $300 more every month from here on out.

So I am hoping that if I work hard on blogging, writing as well as promoting my blog posts that I can achieve that task so that I no longer have to stress about not being able to pay my bills or have money for food and things like that. I believe that it could be very possible. I think at this point in time if I managed to average out to about 400 views or so per day on my blog then I should easily be able to make this happen.

I know that it is possible so I am going to invest all my time and effort so that it can and will be done.


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