Changing My Payment Schedule

I really need to somehow work on my payment schedule. I work several different online jobs. But if I can work hard enough and figure everything out it would be great if I was able to get some sort of payment from all my work sources each and every single week.

For example I have several different YouTube channels and I am currently being sponsored for a couple of my channels over on The Social Blade Network. From those two channels I tend to make a little bit each month and usually I get the payment in my Paypal account each 15th of the month.

Luckily I have a paypal debit card so if I need to pay a bill then or spend the money right away I don’t have to wait a few days or so for the money to become available in my bank account through transferring it. Huge relief there!

I also get my payment from Rabadaba on the 15th as well. So the 15th is a fairly decent day for me as far as my payments that I get. Now I also get help to pay my bills such as my rent, cable, internet, heating, electric, utilities, and renters insurance etc. Usually a day or so before the first or at the end of the month.

So that means that the second week of the month as well as the week before the last of the month I have to try to stretch what little money I have to try and make ends meet. It would be nice if I could manage to get paid say on the 7th and then maybe the 22nd or sometime shortly after then so that I wasn’t having to count pennies and be completely broke around those weeks as well.


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