Working Harder Online

I would be able to make about an extra $500-$600 or so per month by doing my online work. It would take me a great deal of time and might be exhausting sometimes but if I was able to dedicate myself to accomplishing everything that I needed to do I think I could really improve my life.

With that much extra I could buy better equipment for my YouTube channel. Better equipment might mean better quality videos and hopefully more views. With more views it may mean that I would make more money on YouTube. Then I could earn even more money each month. Right now on Youtube I make about 70 cents to $1 on my main Youtube channel per day.

If I am able to some how drive a total of at least 10,000 worth of traffic here on my blog site in one months time then I would be able to earn an additional $10 a day here or $300 more. Then I may be able to earn some where between $800 to maybe $900 or so a month online maybe even more.

I have been working super duper hard trying to promote this blog just so that I can make that happen. Because trust me not being able to make ends meet is just hard and beyond stressful. And increasing my monthly earnings by $300 wow that would just help me out in so many different ways! Sure it would mean that I would have to work even harder every single day but being able to increase the amount that I can make so I don’t have to worry if my electricity and heat and things like that are going to be turned off would be a huge relief I have to admit.

I am losing sleep tonight and working hard so I can try to reach my online work goals. I hope that I can make it happen!

2 thoughts on “Working Harder Online

  1. even i can make a few dollars more but then i have got other stuff also
    yet still i try to work harder with my online job

    and keep trying.. you may reach 10000 soon

    • I am trying to work hard. It isn’t easy. If I don’t come up with $199 more they may turn off my power and heat. I sure hope that I can reach it soon! Then I should be able to pay over half of my bill!

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