Work That I Have To Do

I am trying to stay up and get all of my online work done. It is almost 2:30 in the morning here but I am going to try to just stay up and get all of my work done so that I am hopefully able to manage to pay my over due bills.

I need to do a ton of blogging. I currently have to write 18 more blog posts here on blogjob or 19 including this one. I also am working a little over on Mykites. They allow us to write up to 10 blog posts per day over there. I have written a total of 6 blog posts over there, so that means that I have about 4 more to go.

In addition to blogging I am would like to work a little bit on my Youtube channels. I have a couple of ASMR channels. I would like to try and make and maybe even publish about 5 or so for each one of those channels. I also have a dance channel and I may try for about 10 videos or so over there. Then I have my bird channel for my two pet budgies, Pistachio and Cashew. I may try to publish a video or two over there. And I also need to work on promoting my videos over there as well.

In addition to all that work I need to work on my two paid social media profiles over on Tsu and Rabadaba. I have a limit to how much I am allowed to post over on Tsu. I think that I can post some where around 10 or so more posts today over there. On Rabadaba I don’t have any limits so after I get all my other work done I can just focus on earning as much as I can over on there.


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