Transferring My Posts From Personapaper

So I had been a member over on Personapaper for quite some time now. About a year and a half or so. I had written almost 100 blog posts over there. Maybe a month or so I found out that they are no longer giving out points for any work that you get. I didn’t earn enough to be able to redeem over there.

I did generate some money for the site but they probably won’t end up paying me for the money that I earned which I am really disappointed in finding out. I have been trying to transfer the blog posts that I had written over there as much as I possibly can over on both here as well as mykites.

I figure since I spent all that time writing the articles I might as well earn something for all that hard work. The down side is when I delete the posts that I had written over there, they just subtract the total amount that I earned for that blog post. Which to be honest with you really isn’t fair at all. I generated traffic and they made some kind of money for having posted my article over on there site. Deleting my article means that the content will no longer generate them any additional money but they still got paid the money that the traffic earned from what I posted.

But whatever it is what it is. They hardly earned me all that much anyways. I think I ended up making a penny or so for most articles over there anyways. It looks like they ended up being yet another rip off just as bubblews turned out to be. And Bubblews ended up stealing well over $100 from me and claiming that they lost my redemption. How in the world that happens is beyond me!

One thought on “Transferring My Posts From Personapaper

  1. I lost about 600$ worth of redemption at Bubblews. I stopped writing at persona paper early as the rates were dismal.

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