Today Is Monday Funday

Another monday here for me. I am saddened because I just realized that personapaper is shutting down. So I guess that means that I won’t be earning there any longer. I am so disappointed that it is happening. I total understand why it is but I am sad to lose yet another way of earning money online. It seems as though I was just getting started at the website too. Ah oh well. Alls well that ends well I suppose. I am still blogging over on blogjob and started blogging over on mykites as well. Hopefully between the two sites I can earn a decent amount. Or at least I hope so anyways.

We shall see how that goes. I just started posting on mykites a month or so ago. I am hoping as time goes by and I get more articles on the site I will be able to earn so much more. I now have under 25 blog posts over on the site. I seem to end up making an average of a little over 2 cent per blog post that I write over there.

We get to write up to 10 blog posts and they only have to be a little over 100 words each blog post that I write. So I can end up writing and publishing each blog post over there in a matter of mins. I guess I can redeem once I have earned somewhere around 5000 points over there. I have a little under 200 points right now. So hopefully I can work hard enough so that I can redeem over there soon.

It really is a shame that I can no longer earn money over on Personapaper. I know that the views that my content generated did make them some money and I won’t even be getting paid. What a horrible shame.

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