Staying Up And Working Hard

Right now it is almost 1:30 in the morning here. I am probably just going to stay up all night and try to stay up for most of the day today too. I am going to try to work as hard as I possibly can tonight, this morning and tomorrow so that I am able to manage to pay my bills.

I still owe at least $199 toward my xcel, heating and energy bill. I already paid $151.42 this month but it is currently pending disconnection. So I am really focused on doing whatever that I can so that I am able to try and pay more on that as soon as I am able to. I am so worried about that and don’t want them to turn off my electricity and my heat!

I also owe $96 right now toward my internet and cable bill. I am hoping that I can make a payment on that soon. I do most of my work at home online so it would really slow me down if I wasn’t able to do my online work. So that is another important bill as well.

I am stressed out and hope that I can manage to make a big enough difference with losing sleep tonight so that I can be in a some what better position then I currently am. I am trying to blog over here as well as promote my blogging site and blog posts. I am aiming to try and earn the Professional blogger achievement so that I can have the ability to make $660 per month here instead of just $360. That is almost double per month!

I am also trying to blog a little over on MyKites I just started blogging over there. I tend to earn a little more than 2 cents per blog post over there. It isn’t much but I could possibly earn a few bucks or so each month over there.

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