10,000 Views In 31 Days

Alright so I am aiming for this achievement here on Blogjob. It is called the “Professional Blogger” Achievement. I have completed all the possible tasks here aside from that one and the community manger one. I am currently able to earn up to 1200 points per day here which would be equal to $12/day or about $360 or so each month.

If I mange to bring a total of 10,000 or more people to my blog or even visits to many of my pages totaling that many views on all of them within a months time then I would qualify to be able to earn the “Professional Blogger” Achievement here on blogjob. That would mean I would be rewarded 2000 points for completing the task and in addition to that I would increase my daily point limit 1000 points. So instead of only being able to earn 1200 points per day or $12 here, I could then be able to earn up to about $22 each day or about $660 each month. Now that would help me in my life so dramatically.

I wouldn’t be so stressed out and would then be able to make ends meet and pay my bills. Oh what a true relief that would be! So since this month is almost over with after Monday. I figured that I am going to try to gain 10,000 views on this blog site here in the month of March.

I am going to do everything that I am possibly able to do so that I can promote and spread the word about my blog site and all of my blog posts. It would be amazing if I manged to make it happen! I would need around 333 views on my blog site each day just to make that happen. And if I work hard enough I am more then certain that I should be able to make that happen!

2 thoughts on “10,000 Views In 31 Days

  1. All the best for your goal!
    I am still at 150 points daily limit. Even going to the next level would mean so much.

  2. manasi

    wow that is great
    i have question about business opportunity. do you have to pay to signup for that?

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