Worried About My Xcel Bill

Alright so this month I owed $350.42 toward my Xcel bill. That covers both my heating and electricity. I made several payments and ended up paying $151.42 toward that bill in total this month alone. I now currently owe $199 toward my bill. It says that it is pending disconnection.

I have paid just about all that I can afford to pay right now. I am trying my hardest to earn more money so that I can afford to pay a little bit more toward my bill. I really hope that they will understand and work around my situation.

Each month my bill ends up being around $70 to almost $100. So that means within a few days my bill may be up to $300 or so. Hopefully within a week or so I can pay a little bit more. I would like to end up paying it all off so that I am no longer behind within a couple to three months or so.

I will do my best and see what I am able to do. Hopefully everything will be ok. I am a tad bit worried. I think that tomorrow I might end up calling them and tell them how I paid as much as I could right now and that I will try to pay some more as soon as I possibly can.

I hope that they find that good enough. It isn’t easy, but I am trying my best to do everything that I can. Yesterday my guy came and picked me up. He has this place that buys books, and games, and movies and stuff. I wasn’t able to sell much. Just a couple of books and I only got 75 cents. But I am doing my best and trying my hardest to work hard and be as resourceful as I possibly can so I can take care of this bill!


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