Working Hard To Promote My YouTube Videos

I have been working hard to promote my Youtube channels and the videos that I have published on my Youtube channels. I have been making blogs sharing some of my videos from Youtube. Posting my videos on various different social media sites as well as running a contest on Rabadaba giving away money for people that enter. You can check out the contest that I am running here:

Hopefully all the promoting of my channel and videos as well as my contest will help me with gaining exposure on my Youtube channel! I really want to gain more subscribers. I currently have a little under 3000 subscribers. Once I am able to get to 5000 subscribers I will qualify to be able to film for free at a couple different Youtube studio locations including one in New York.

Once I am able to get to 10,000 subscribers I will be able to film in a Youtube Space studio for free in Los Angles in California. That would be great. It took me around one year since I first started my Youtube channel in Jan 6th 2015 to reach 2000 subscribers. Or maybe a little bit more than 2000 subscribers on my main channel.

I am hoping that I will somehow manage to get to at least 5000 subscribers or more on my main channel by sometime this year. It would be great if I could reach 10,000 subscribers by next year or the year after at the latest. So maybe all this exposure will somehow help out my channel.

Plus it also helps out with my revenue earnings over on Youtube too. And the more money that I make the more I will have to be able to invest in better filming equipment for my channel so that I can make even better videos too! Hard work really does pay off!


2 thoughts on “Working Hard To Promote My YouTube Videos

  1. I just visited your YouTube channel and I’m impressed with all the videos you’ve made 🙂

    • Awe thank you so much! 🙂 That means a lot to me!!

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