Starting Fresh Promoting My Blog

So after tomorrow it will be March. That means that next month I will have another chance to promote my blog site as much as possible so that I am able to aim for huge increase in blog traffic.

If I am able to get about 10,000 people to my blog site in the month of March or an average of about 333 views or so daily, than I would qualify for the Professional Blogger Achievement Task here on Blogjob. And doing that I would earn 2000 points and also increase my daily allowed point limit from what it is now, 1200 points per day to 2200.

That would mean I could earn up to $660 each month here if I worked hard enough! I really want to make that happen. So I am going to try my hardest to promote my blog posts and just spread my blog around as much as I possibly can! I just submitted one of my blog posts to reddit.

I am not sure how well it will do over there. It has been a while since I have submitted a blog post over there. I know in the past I have gained some where around 700 views or so on my Youtube videos by submitting one to one subreddit over there. So if I was able to submit like one blog post or so of mine and even get half that amount in blog traffic each day that would help me out a great deal!

I also have been promoting my blog posts a little bit on other social media sites as well. Anything in the way of sharing my blog posts I sure as heck hope will help me out reaching next months traffic goals! I am going to work hard to make it happen! I really need to do this and I know that I can.

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