Becoming A Professional Blogger On Blogjob

So I have been a member here on blogjob and a blogger for several years now. On Blogjob we have point limits. You can increase the amount of points that you are allowed to earn on a daily bases by completing various tasks here. I have completed all the task here except for two. I now am able to earn up to 1200 points per day.

And if you wait until you have 10,000 points and redeem your points for a paypal payment for $100 at that point then each point that you earn here is then worth about 1 penny each. I am able to earn up to $360 per month if I maxed out my point limit on a daily base each month just from blogjob alone, not including any money I may earn from monetizing my blog and what not.

I would be able to increase my daily point limit by 1000 points if I complete the “professional blogger” achievement task here on blogjob. I would then be able to increase my daily earnings by $10 or earn $22 each day. Or a total of up to $660 each month just on blogjob alone. Which would help me in being able to make ends so much!

I can earn the professional blogger achievement task by driving at least 10,000 visitors to my blog site each month. That would mean that I would need an average daily total of about 333 visitors or so to be able to qualify for that task. I am trying to promote my blog posts and what not so that I can get that achievement and earn the point limit increase. That would be a dream come true for me!

I think now my blog tends to get maybe 2000 views or so right now. So that means that I need to get about 5 times more in amount of traffic to my blog then I currently get.

One thought on “Becoming A Professional Blogger On Blogjob

  1. I am still trying to get to the first level. You are doing commendable work here.

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