So Much Cleaning Needs To Be Done

I am so overwhelmed with the amount of cleaning that I have to do. I think on top of cleaning it would be a wise idea to do some decluttering as well. Plus I need to organize my things too. Yesterday I spent about an hour and a half cleaning.

I went through some papers and got rid of a ton so that does help a bit. I notice a slight difference, but I must admit that I still have a lot more cleaning left to do. I feel so drained and I don’t know if its from depression, fibromyalgia, clutter or a combination of all those things.

I suppose spending a little time each day even if I don’t have a great deal of energy and only spend like 10 min or so cleaning I should hopefully feel a tiny bit better. I wish that I was making enough each month so that I could afford things like furniture and storage and what not so it was far easier for me to clean up around here.

But I am going to work hard and do my best to try and make that happen. Even if that means not getting sleep or working 10-15 or even more hours per day just so I am able to pay my bills and hopefully slowly afford a tiny bit more so that I can maybe each month or every other month afford things like furniture so that I can improve my life a great deal.

It is far too stressful to continue to live my life the way that I have been living it. I need to make a change. Cleaning daily or even most days I really do hope will some how, some way help me. Of course I will need to find the time and the energy and that won’t be easy but is possible.

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