Saving Up For Better Equipment

I really want to save up for better equipment for my Youtube channel. I recently was able to purchase a ring, beauty light and I love how much better my videos look with it. I really want to save up for more lighting, a professional camera as well as some editing software. All in all I think it would end up costing me at least $1000.

But it would make my videos look so much better and hopefully it will help my Youtube channel grow even faster. I am going to work hard on my online work and try and make it happen. I have been up all night working on Rabadaba, a little on Tsu and a ton on my blogs so that I can reach that goal.

I know it won’t be easy, but if I could some how, some way make it happen then I would be able to hopefully make even more money through my YouTube channel and that would be great. I don’t mind working hard. And to be honest I work my booty off for several hours some days. I think sometimes I do end up getting a tad bit burnt out. Because I can work several hours per day and end up making maybe $20 or so if I am lucky.

But I guess $20 a day is a ton more then what I would be making if I just give in to the tiredness that I feel and do nothing. So I guess giving up shouldn’t be an option for me. I have to make this happen. I need to figure out a plan and get things done.

I am looking forward to the possibilities of how getting better equipment could really change not only my YouTube channel, my videos but also my income and hopefully my life too.


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