Personapaper Is Shutting Down

So I noticed that lately no matter how much traffic I was getting and comments that I was making over the last couple of days I wasn’t making anything over on Personapaper. I was thinking it was nothing more then a glitch on the site.

After some investigating I discovered that Personapaper is in fact shutting down. I guess after they see what they made from all the ads and what not they will give payouts if there is enough to go around. I am a tad bit upset to hear that news.

Now I know that I wasn’t making very much over there but even so I was working hard on all of my articles and I have to say that I made almost 100 of them. I made less than $3 but it was still an amount that I was counting on having.

With them shutting down I hope that I at least make some of my earnings. I have to admit that it would be a huge disappointment if they just shut down and I walked away with absolutely nothing.

While I am still able to earn a good amount over here on Blogjob. I can make up to $12 per day and if I am able to increase the traffic to my blog site I can earn up to at least $22 per day which wouldn’t be a bad amount.

But I wish I knew of other blogging sites that I could earn from as well. It seems as though many are shutting down these days. Many know that bubblews closed down, daily2cents stopped making payments because of the same reason as personapaper, they just weren’t making enough.

I suppose I will have to be on the lookout for other paying blog sites in addition to my number one favorite blogjob.

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