3tags Review

3tags is a blogging and social networking site that pays you something like 90 percent of the revenue that your content receives from ad sources. I just discovered and signed up for 3tags yesterday. I guess the earnings update every day or so.

I wrote one article yesterday and it logged a total of 59 views so far. I have heard that it takes something like 60 views or so to earn about a penny over there. Today I have gotten almost triple that amount in views and I have written 4 articles today. 

I found out that they limit you to 4 articles per day. I wrote my last post a little bit ago and was told that I reached my limit and had to put my 5th one into a draft. It would be great if I was able to earn more through 3tags. 

I was asking around and I guess now even on 3tags you aren’t able to redeem your points or get credit for what you write. This is really a shame. I invested so much time writing articles over there only to discover that they have discontinued there credit system.

I guess if you earn the title of pro blogger over there you are able to ask for donations and what not but for us bloggers who haven’t reached that level we aren’t rewarded what so ever for our work. Which hardly seems fair.

Even sites like hubpages at least rewards us something for our efforts. It may not be much but we are at least compensated when we write an article. I guess that I am giving up on 3tags. It hardly seems worth my time given the fact that you need to earn the title of pro blogger and who knows how long that may even take me.


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