The Good In My Life

Sure it can be easy to fall into depression. I mean considering everything that I have been through in my life it is no wonder that I even have depression. But I think it is good to focus on the positive things that are in my life. I have so many. So today I want to share with you the good in my life.

Dating someone new can be so exciting and you never know where it may end up going. Could we be something more? Will we work out? Will he turn into something other then the person he has been portraying himself as or someone totally different. One can never be certain. But so far right now he has been so incredibly sweet to me. We have been getting along so well and really who could ask for more then that? I feel good being around him and for now I am glad that he came into my life. He seems like a blessing right now and maybe he will one day be nothing more then a lesson. Either way there was a reason that he was brought into my life and for that I am thankful.

My Mom has been so supportive of me lately. Something that I appreciate and could really use. I am glad she finally realized that even though I am a grown woman all that I needed was my Mom on my team looking out for me the best way that she knows how. It means a lot to me.

My birds, Pistachio and Cashew bring so much joy into my life. I am happy to take care of them and to be there bird Mama lol. They are so sweet and adorable and are such little love bugs too. I am so happy that they are in my life.

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