No Netflix Oh No

So today I was about to eat and watch something on Netflix. I pretty much only watch tv shows or movies on Netflix. Well I warmed up my food and sat down to enjoy a quick break with Netflix. I have been working hard today so I figured having a ten min or so break was in order. I picked out which movie I was going to watch and waited it to load as I was about to eat.

I took a bite off food and looked up to see a message from Netflix that my account was on hold due to a problem with my last payment. Oh joy. Well it worked last night. But right now I only have a few dollars in the bank. More then likely they tried taking out the 7 or 8 or so to make my monthly payment today and found that I did not have enough.

So it looks like I will be without Netflix for today. I suppose that is alright and not quite the end of the world. I still have a bit more online work that I need to finish working on. After this blog post I need to write 3 more. After that I have to take a shower and shave. Then I need to get dressed and put on some makeup and do my hair. Luckily my guy, Adrian will be picking me up sometime around 9 or so tonight so we can spend the weekend together.

So pretty much right now I have a little work to do then get ready for tonight. I might end up getting something to eat using one of my gift cards because I am starving and that quick snack that I had to eat wasn’t much. So I will be able to redeem my points here on blogjob tomorrow and then have money for food and to have my Netflix back. But for now no netflix, grr.

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