My Plans On Improving My Youtube Channel

I have my Youtube channel, ASMR Sadie that I have had for a little over a year now. I have had this channel since Jan 6th 2015. It is my main channel and I focus most of my time and energy on this channel. I do ASMR which in a way is like a creative form of therapy. It helps relax people, make them feel good and even helps them with sleep sometimes too. I love what I do. It is great because I am able to be creative and have fun while at the same time knowing what I am doing is assisting other people feel better. And those are two things that I absolutely love doing more then anything.

So I really want to improve upon my channel as much as I am able to. I want to be able to reach out and help more people. Yes I will admit that the fact that I could increase my money doesn’t hurt either. But that is the thing, it isn’t about becoming rich or just merely increasing my income. Because to me it so much more then that. It means I will be able to help more people. Maybe one day I could make even more money so I could invest in my own health and wellness therapy office business. And or even an animal sanctuary. I could further help other people but also I could help my family and friends and just hopefully make the world a better place.

I currently have a little over 2500 subscribers. I am hoping to save up money and invest in better equipment so that I can make even better quality videos. Right now my current upcoming goal is to get a professional camera. I already have a mic and a ring light so hopefully I can get the camera sooner rather then later.

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