My Pistachio

Early I wrote a post about my two pet budgies, Pistachio and Cashew. I want to tell you a little more about my boy budgie, Pistachio. So I got my Pistachio first. I have had him now about 3 years now. He spent so much time with me before I got Cashew when he was about a year and a half that he is still really close with me.

Pistachio is most definitely a Mama’s boy. He is such a sweetheart and quite the social butterfly. He of course loves visiting and spending time with me. As soon as I brought little Cashew home he jumped on top of her cage and wanted to make friends with her. And any time that I have a guest over little Pistachio or as I sometimes call him, Stash will try to come over and make friends with them.

Male budgies often times will learn quite a few words if you teach them and I have to say that my little Pistachio has picked up quite a few words and even sayings too. He says “Good boy” quite often. I think he thinks that his name is “boy” And he sure seems proud of being a good one. lol.

My little man also knows how to say I love you among other words. He also knows how to give kisses. He will make kissing noises and then press his beak up to my lips. He loves giving kisses. He comes and visits me and gives me a ton of kisses. I started calling him kissy boy and he now says that too.

He also is called and says “beggar boy” He loves sharing my food and begging me for some. So I started calling him that. Often times when I am eating something he has to share it with me.

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